2 Track Strategy

  • Broadcasting Sound


  • P/A, S/R Broadcast Equipment

    Korea’s Very first High Voltage Digital Power Amp World’s 2nd Analogue/Digital Combined Amp by Own Technology Major Technology Certificates (3 times of NeT, NeP)

  • Integrates Network Control System

    ‘Excellent Product’ selected by PPS (Wire-Wireless Integrated Network System) Open up Overseas Network control market with Seenet Numerous Patents (22 domestic, 3 overseas)

  • healthcare


  • Healthcare utilizing Binaural beats

    Developed healthcare station and gear using patented DSP technology and binaural beats Global market Targeted from the start of New business

  • Various Future Lineups

    Develop various healthcare products using EEG and Binaural beats Future lineups such as Body Mass Analyzer / 3D Body Type Analyzer / Healthcare Earphone / 3D Hearing Aid and Etc.