Key Success Factors

Over the past 18 years, Dlogixs have been steadily grow with the basis of development of numerous own technologies including world class digital power amps and integrated wire-wireless network control technologies in the PA/SA market, and will establish a solid foothold in the new business field of healthcare which is one of the unprecedented highest growth industry ever, together with strong R&D investment and supports.

  • Digital Amp Technology

    Holds a high-performance digital amp technologies based on various patents, and developed Korea’s very first high-voltage digital power amp, and also developed world’s second combined amp with our own technology.

  • Various Certificates and Awards

    For past 10 years, leading technologies were proven by twice of Jang Young Shil Award and 3 times of Net/NeP certificates, and “Wire-Wireless Integrated Network System” was registered as an Excellent Product by PPS.

  • Optimism of New Business

    It is effective in terms of profitability with a basis of existing business, and have determined healthcare field which best corresponds with our strategy as a new business and developing various devices that utilize binaural beats.

  • Strong R&D Basis

    Out of total 85 employees, 18 are engineers in the lab, and 12 are assigned to the designing departments, continuously developing and supporting the new technologies of related industry and differentiated customer response.

  • Steady Growth and Corporate Career

    Sales were steadily increased for the past 18 years, and leading the market with an astonishing growth rate of 23.3% especially within past 10 years, and became the leader of PA/SR market with a reach of 30 billion KRW in 2015.